9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)

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A Myth that Rocks: The Premature Death of Paul McCartney | Live Science

Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. The fact that Paul was actually 27 years old when Abbey Road was released doesn't seem to make much difference, for in far Eastern societies the Beatles had quite a fascination with the Far East an individual's birth included the time spent in the mother's womb. In that case, Paul would indeed have been These "revelations" quickly launched an unprecedented outbreak of hysteria in the pop world and in the media, as more and more "clues" were found in previous Beatles records.

First of all, the clue-diggers looked at Sgt. Released on June 1, , the record was among the most influential in music history. The cover, another famous picture, showed the four Beatles dressed in band uniforms, gathered around a bass drum bearing the album title and with a crowd of cut-out people around them. It proved to be a goldmine for clue-diggers. Again, the spectators resembled the mourners at a funeral and the flowers in front of them not only spelled the word "Beatles," but also a set of yellow hyacinths formed the shape of a left-handed bass guitar, McCartney's instrument.

Paul had a right hand raised above his head: again, supposedly, in certain Far Eastern societies, this was a symbol of death. Also, while the other Beatles held bright, golden, band instruments, Paul held a black clarinet: another supposed symbol of mourning?

A doll wore a striped "Welcome the Rolling Stones" sweatshirt: on her leg there is a small model car, strongly resembling an Aston Martin that seems to be heading towards the word "Stones. In the open album jacket, the Beatles appear still in the Sgt. This was also the first album in history that included the lyrics to the songs appearing in the record, and they were published on the back cover, along with a picture of the four Beatles in their outfits. Strangely, Paul is the only one turning his back to the camera, and also strange is the fact that George's thumb points to the opening lines of "She's Leaving Home.

In another song of the album, "A Day in the Life," John sings "He blew his mind out in a car," and in another, "Good Morning, Good Morning," he starts by singing: "Nothing to do to save his life" and was the title a play on the words "morning" and "mourning"?

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And what about "Lovely Rita"? Was the song a reference to the girl that caused Paul's death? Could be, since in it McCartney or the imposter sings: "Took her home and nearly made it. More clues were also found in subsequent albums. The Magical Mystery Tour cover showed the Beatles dressed in animal costumes.

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In the center was a black walrus and, in certain Scandinavian countries, a walrus is considered a harbinger of death. Was the imposter dressed in the walrus skin? Apparently not, for John Lennon sings in the album the song titled "I am the Walrus.

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In a later Beatles release titled simply The Beatles, the record became better known as the White Album because the cover was plain white , in a song titled "Glass Onion," Lennon sings: "Well here's another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul"! On the booklet included in Magical Mystery Tour, the clues abounded: Paul is shoeless in some pictures, is the only one to wear a black flower on his lapel while the others are red, has a hand above his head in various pictures, and he even sits behind a sign stating "I Was.

Near the end of the song "Strawberry Fields Forever," upon careful listening, a faint voice stated something like "I buried Paul. You could also turn the Magical Mystery Tour album jacket upside-down and look at its reflection in the mirror: the title, detailed as stars, became the digits to a phone number.

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The rumor further explained that if the numbers were dialed, the listener would get the true details of Paul McCartney's death. On the White Album, if you listened to a strange murmuring following the song "I'm So Tired," you couldn't make out what it said. But, should you decide to play the record backwards the words became something like: "Paul is dead now, miss him, miss him, miss him. Let me out! It seems unimaginable that the American public would believe such an unfounded rumor. However, this same generation had been raised on the idea that there may have been a conspiracy to kill President John F.

Kennedy and that the Warren Commission had actually worked to hide this fact from the public. Would it be so impossible, then, to believe that Paul McCartney's death may have been hidden from the public? The rumors became so noisy that Paul McCartney himself had to reassure his fans that he was still alive. In an exclusive interview with Life magazine November 7, he stated, paraphrasing Mark Twain, that "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)
9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)
9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)
9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)
9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)
9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)
9/11/1966 (Italian Edition) 9/11/1966 (Italian Edition)

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