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The Core Curriculum, Series 1, Episode 8: Iliad, Books 16-17

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The Core Series Part 1- What is my channel about? Channel overview

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Roger Payne and Dr. Katherine Payne have discovered that the use of infrasonic sounds is a method of communication used …. It details her transformation from a novice t….

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For as long as she co…. This expository nonfiction text is about how living things have adapted traits of mimicry or camouflage to either fool or attract prey ….

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This is a narrative depicting the journey of small seeds preparing to take root and begin their life cycle. The main character, Miss Ma…. Leslie and her family learn to adjust to life without their mother when she is away training her new dog guide, Ursula, after the passi…. This article examines what happens when a sugar planter tries to save his sugar crops by importing a few mongooses to eat the rats.

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When a sudden and inexplicable force causes everything to stop working on Maple Street, the people there begin to wonder who or what is…. In this literary text by David and Phillis Gershator, a rooster notices that the sky is dark and realizes there is no one to help it co…. In this informational text the author describes mountains in different parts of the world. He tells about the effects of erosion on mou….

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This literary text by Richard and Florence Atwater tells the story of Mr. Popper, a seasonal house painter who is faced with making a d…. In Mrs. In this fantasy story…. This text describes and illustrates with labeled pictures the purpose and process for making mummies in Ancient Egypt. It begins with t…. Each : text set Centers on a single topic i. This personal narrative introduces the genre of a diary to the students.

This story is based upon the life of Arizona Houston Hughes, a teacher who taught generations of children in a one-room schoolhouse tha…. More than one Maria in class causes Maria Isabel to worry for weeks about not being in the pageant, when the teacher confuses their nam…. Through d….

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This is a story about Saruni, a young boy, and his family, who are both consumers and sellers in a market in Tanzania. There are many e…. Sam Gribley has been living alone in the woods all summer, but fall has arrived and the fear of winter has forced Sam to think of new w…. As a child, the narrator describes how his magnificent career as an artist was ended at an early age by adults who lacked imagination, …. In this legend, the author uses the struggles of a poverty stricken boy and his grandmother to show how even in their trials, the decis…. A young Bedouin girl has earned the nickname Nadia the Willful because of her quick temper.

Her brother, Hamed, is the only one who can…. She describes her reactions to the mispronunci….

Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)
Core (The Core Series Book 1) Core (The Core Series Book 1)

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