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Suzanne Collins depicts a dystopic world, Panem, in a futuristic society in her series, The Hunger Games. Though Capitol itself might appear utopian, due to an excessive availability of opulent consumer goods, its abundance of riches comes at the expense of the remote Districts.

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In his classic novel, , George Orwell shows a dystopian society. The leading character , Winston Smith, falls in a trap where Big Brother, a leader of the party always watches him and other low-grade members of that society. Inner party members live a life of luxury, while outer members live in dirty apartments.

Besides, there is no emotional and mental freedom. The party does not allow anyone to rebel, even by using their minds. We notice everything goes decrepit, and its scenes are often dreary and dark.

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Aldous Huxley, in his most challenging novel, Brave New World , depicts a futuristic society where individual sacrifices for the cause of state, science controls and subjugates all types of history, and the arts are outlawed. Shortly, this book perfectly fits into a classic form of dystopian literature.

Huxley draws dystopia through emotional and political events. He brings a dystopian setting by the mention of technology and higher authorities. With the increased use of technology, the need for a human work force decreases, leaving them with a great deal of depression.

Dystopia For Sale: How a Commercialized Genre Lost its Teeth

Unhappily for everybody, a utopia, as a perfected human condition, is a static society, and static societies are dystopias. Dystopia is also about the fight for a better world. Parece contraintuitivo, uma vez que a distopia por si representa o imaginar dos piores sistemas sociais.

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The Hope In Dystopia. Please enjoy this cheerful image I accidentally took on the way into London on Monday. September 28, at pm.

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Dystopia Dystopia
Dystopia Dystopia
Dystopia Dystopia

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