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Learning Spanish in Guatemala, my time in San Pedro.

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Click on the map to download its full resolution version. Imposing their religion, the Spaniards built churches, monasteries but also palaces, squares… In Quito, the Spaniards saw things big because the city has the largest and best preserved historic centre in all of South America. In other words, there are things to see. I simply advise you to get lost in the narrow and colourful streets of old Quito.

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The architecture of the buildings, the sculptures and frescos in the churches. Everything is very beautiful and superbly maintained. We can see that the city of Quito is making great efforts to preserve its historic centre.

We particularly liked the Independence Square , located just in front of the Government Palace. Back then, If you were lucky enough to be there on a Monday morning at am, you could see the very popular President Raphael Correa greeting the inhabitants from the balcony of the palace we actually never saw him because we had classes every Monday morning…. On this occasion, there was music, a parade… and know that it is possible to visit the palace for free at this moment. But you will be asked to leave your passport at the entrance for the visit, thus make sure to have it with you we have made it a habit to only have a copy with us since we are in South America.

Next to the entrance to the palace, there is also an interesting museum about the history of the city of Quito. If you have to wait to enter the palace, come and visit it. We also liked the monastery and San Francisco Square very much. There is also a very nice terrace to have a drink on the square and we have hardly seen any other terraces in the historical centre….

And finally, we advise you to stop by La Ronda one of the oldest streets in Quito and have a drink or a caraffe it is your choice ; of Canelazo de mora.

How to Break into Translation: A Report on the Bridge Series Panel | Lyn Miller-Lachmann

There are several very nice bars in La Ronda. They are very small, full of charm nothing to do with La Mariscal and all offer Canelazo. So be careful, stop rather at the end of the afternoon because although this drink is quite sweet, it is rather strong and after one or two drinks, it will be difficult for you to get up.

El Paneceillo is the hill that sits in the middle of Quito.

Los 5 defectos de las mujeres latinas (no me odien por mencionarlos, la perfeccion no existe jeje)

At the top you will find a metre-high aluminium virgin that can be seen from absolutely everywhere in Quito it is a bit like the symbol of the city. And since it has wings, one could say that it is in a way the guardian angel of the city ;-. You should know that it is possible to walk up to the Panecillo, but we have heard a lot of stories of theft there and even some locals have advised us not to walk up alone.

As we were with locals, we went up on foot. But if you are travelling alone and wish to avoid taking risks, take a taxi. And if you think the taxi is too expensive, know that there is a public bus that goes up the hill. The problem is to get on the right bus, but if you can manage in Spanish, just ask ;-. Even if it is located in the historical centre, we decided to dedicated it a paragraph because it is the visit that most marked us of old Quito.

The basilica is of an impressive size, m long and m high for both towers, it is also visible from all over Quito.

All about Quito: table of contents

Its Gothic style is particularly interesting and you can observe gargoyles representing the animals of Ecuador Iguanas, turtles, toucans… everywhere on its facades. It is still quite peculiar to see this kind of animals on a religious building of this size. The good thing is that it is even possible to go inside the clock and climb to the top of one of the 2 towers as well as the 3rd, which is a little less high than the two main ones. I might as well tell you that in Europe we would never be allowed to do that ;-. Then you have to prepare yourself to climb a lot of stairs and even to climb ladders… It is better not to be afraid of heights ;-.

You will simply have the best view of the old city, on the panecillo and Quito in general. This district, located just north of the historic centre, is considered the most festive place in Quito. However, you will probably have to go through it because most of the travel agencies are located in La Mariscal…. But then, in the evening, the atmosphere is quite nice, even if in our opinion, there are other options to go out in Quito. For example, we watched several games of the World Cup in this area just for the atmosphere ;-.

Parque Metropolitano is the perfect place for a jog in the forest or a barbecue with friends. The entire park is covered with forest and trails… Oh and how could I forget that this is also the home of a lovely herd of llamas! In addition, the park is located on a hill and it is possible to see the Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes from several places. Many people come there during the weekend to play football, basketball or Ecuavolley a popular variant of volleyball in Ecuador, with a much higher net.

There are a lot of different areas and the atmosphere is great! You can also have a bite to eat and drink fresh fruit juice… street vendors are everywhere during the weekend. Located in the middle of Carolina Park, this was an excellent surprise for us. The concept of this botanical garden is to reproduce the typical environments that can be found in Ecuador the coast, the Andes, the Amazon….

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In addition it has two magnificent greenhouses filled with orchids and a lots of carnivorous plants…. There are also other interesting parks in Quito such as the Bicentenary Park , which is located on the site of the old airport. The old airstrip has been transformed into a place of relaxation and sports and more than a million trees have been planted. An interesting way to recycle an airport I find ;-. So for shopping, Quito is not as good as Bangkok or Hong Kong but you can find everything you are looking for. If you need brands from home, you will find what you are looking for at Quicentro , located just in front of the Olympic stadium.

It is the largest and most chic shopping centre in Quito. But be careful because the prices are rather high. If you want to buy cheap clothes, shoes or other small random things, then go to the historical centre, near the panecillo. You will find a huge market with a lot of choice but be careful I am not saying that the quality is there as well.

It is the largest market in the country and you will have a huge choice for very good prices. To buy food, as usual, there is nothing like the market to find the best quality at the best prices. You will find fruits and vegetables, bread, meat, cheese… and often cheap almuerzos. The market we visited the most was just behind the Quicentro. So that, my friends, is THE program to do on a day when the weather is very nice! As you may know, Quito is partly located on the eastern slope of the Pichincha volcano. As a result, it is possible from Quito to take a cabin that climbs up the slope of the volcano to an altitude of m.

And believe me, when I tell you that the view from the top of the cable car is unbelievable, I am not kidding!

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  6. You will of course have a breathtaking view of the whole city of Quito but in good weather you can even admire the majestic Cotopaxi volcano and the Cayambe which are a little further away. If you are in good physical condition or want to train to climb one of the big equatorial volcanoes Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Chimborazo… , you can then climb to the top of the Ruku Pichincha m from the top of the cable car. Count between 4 and 7 hours for the round trip depending on your speed with altitude, breathing gets harder…;-. But be aware that the last part is quite difficult and is more like climbing than walking.

    Well, as you can imagine, the line also runs elsewhere, such as in Brazil, Africa and Indonesia. But historically speaking, it was there that the first group of the French Academy of Sciences went to measure the exact shape and size of the earth this was back in On site, there is a large memorial and a museum that tells a little more about the difficult task of these scientists.

    But the joke is actually that the monument is not in the exact location of the equator! On your left will then be indicated the Intinan Museum. They will first make you discover a little more about the culture of the indigenous people of Ecuador, the different tribes, their rites… We found the guide super competent and very interesting. From the historical centre, it takes a good hour and a half… transport in Ecuador is cheap, huh?

    Located 2 hours by bus from Quito, the Otavalo market is renowned for the quality of the textiles and crafts that can be found there. You will find absolutely everything you can find in Quito and more at a better price. So if you wanted to buy a nice wool sweater, a hat, a poncho or basically anything else… this market is for you. There is also an interesting part of the market dedicated to live animals…. But go early enough in the morning if you want to see something… We went there around noon and it was almost over.

    There were only a few guinea pigs Cuy , chickens and puppies left…. To get to Otavalo it is extremly easy. From there, there is regular service to Otavalo. In fact, this lake is located inside a crater at the foot of the Cotacachi volcano.

    I Am Homeless, What Shall I Do?

    Frankly, the landscape of the lake with the imposing volcano in the background is superb. But if you have more time you can spend a w-e in Otavalo , there is a superb 5-hour walk around the lake and crater. As we told you above, for us the main reason for coming to Quito for 2 months was the motivation to come and take Spanish courses.

    This 2-month break in our trip was one of the best decisions of our trip! An entrepreneurial management consultant with passion for innovation, sustainability and leadership. A curious soul that wants to make a positive impact on the World! Ed Cooke is the co-founder of Memrise, a language-learning app with more than 35 million users, and a Grandmaster of Memory who can learn a digit number in an hour.

    Elisabeth Fullerton is an angel investor, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist for her family office and foundation. Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs — especially in Europe. My biggest passion is being an activist in the areas of coexistence, reconciliation, and cultural bridge building.

    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)
    Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition) Gringoland (LITT GENERALE) (French Edition)

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