Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)

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Translation: Skip the enjoyment that you will regret. English equivalent: Avoid the pleasure which will bite tomorrow. Italian proverbs. English equivalent: United we stand, divided we fall; Union is strength. Meaning: Whatever input you give, whatever output you get. Ogni cosa si compra a prezzo.

Translation: Everything you buy at the price. Ride bene chi ride ultimo. English equivalent: He who laughs last, laughs longest. Scusa non richiesta, accusa manifesta. English equivalent: A guilty conscience needs no accuser. Senza tentazioni, senza onore. Translation: Where there is no temptation there is no glory. English equivalent: Without temptation there is no victory. Meaning: Not being tempted is a sign that fortune has forgotten you. Translation: The wolf is made bigger than it is.

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English equivalent: A story never loses in the telling. Meaning: Lying a little might make the story better. Translation: The aim is more to the effect of affection. English equivalent: Take the will for the deed. Meaning: Look at the well intended effort, and not its effects.

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Ward, Caroline National proverbs in the principal languages of Europe. Spazzatoio nuovo spazza ben la caza. Italian Translation: A new broom sweeps well the house. It makes sense: you sell excellent food, so you start to cook it and serve it to people. It was a natural progression, something that you see within any ethnic group that comes: first they come in to do work that nobody wants to do, then they want to eat, so they bring in the food from their motherland and then, once they feed themselves, they feed other people.

And that's what the Italians did here in Kentucky. So, in the end, we can say that we never had a huge Italian community here in Louisville, just a small one. But there were some other Italians in eastern Kentucky, who worked in the coal mines.

Are there personalities, or places, or facts that have had or still have a particular importance in describing Italy in Kentucky? There were a couple of things, in Louisville primarily, but the sad thing is they don't exist anymore. As mentioned, there was the Haymarket in the center, downtown, in the 20s, 30s and 40s.

It was the produce center of the city: they had butchers, they bakeries , they had vegetables, it was a big open-air market, started and maintained for many years by the Italians. Then they made their money, and they got out of produce business. They were replaced by the Armenians and the produce market lasted until around the late 80s, I think, and then it was shut down because people stopped going to the central market to buy products and started going to the supermarket and to the grocery stores in the suburbs.

The other "Italian" thing that has been going on here in Louisville for many years, and now isn't anymore, is the festival. As I said, people would identify with that, and have a lot of fun. As for now, our organization is the principal thing that can make people say, "Oh there is something Italian in Louisville!

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There are few people, not many, and the ones that do come already have family here or are primarily affiliated with a specific business or industry, like a manager, or a doctor, or a scientist. The migration that comes tends to be relatively small, and we don't see many of those individuals, because when they come they don't need social support from the Italian Group, they come because they have been sponsored by a business or a family member. How is Made in Italy in Kentucky? Is there a particular business sector that is booming?

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There is very little emphasis, specifically on things made in Italy, in Kentucky. What is very successful in Louisville, like in any other place, is the Italian restaurants: these are the most highly visible places where to find Italy in Kentucky. The most famous was the one owned by the Grisanti Family, that has been in Louisville since the early s.

Nowadays we have Vincenzo's Italian restaurant, managed by two brothers that got the training by the Grisantis. Can you please describe us this association? This organization was started by a group of Italian American psychologists focused on bring together other Italian American psychologists: every year we get together for a formal dinner meeting to network with other Italian and Italian-American psychologists. We are an organization of professional psychologists that includes teachers, mental health professionals, and researchers.

Everybody has the same story, more or less: their parents or their grandparents came to this country from Italy to have a better life, like so many other people in the Great Migration. They spoke Italian to each other, but for the most part they didn't speak Italian to their children. My dad told me why they used to do this: "I came to this country without speaking English and I never had a good job because I didn't master the language.

Danzando con la famiglia. Un approccio simbolico-esperienziale

By the time I learnt English, I was too old to get a good job. We focus on successful people who have both Italian and American connection, and who are also psychologists. We also have members who are doing research on the Italian American narrative. Like the Italian-American Association in Louisville, what we do is help people reconnect, reestablish and develop a sense of identity with their Italian American culture. When we get together we also bring in speakers.

Some of them are psychologists who talk about their Italian American past and current experience. Some of them are professionals in other areas who speak about the Italian Culture: so we have people who own restaurants or wineries, for example, or individuals who tell us about the Italian heritage in their cities.

A couple of years ago we met in Denver, and we had as a speaker a woman who runs the Italian American historical component at the Denver City Museum, and she talked about the history of the Italians in Denver. You have a Ph. From a professional point of view, is there a distinctive element to describe the Italian American psychologists, something typical and different from the Americans of other heritage?

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We are a very small percentage of psychologists in this country, but we represent some important contribution in terms of what the Italian American psychologists have done. I think that what is unique is the impact we had, just like the other Italians, throughout culture. If you look at the impact the Italians had in history throughout the whole world, it's amazing. We are a very small country, that has always had a very small population, but the Italian impact has been and still is tremendous. Yes, a remarkable scientist, and I'm proud to say that he's a very good friend of mine: his name is Professor Philip G.

He is probably one of the top-five most famous living psychologists in the world. His work is known and studied all over the world.

He is from a small town in Sicily called Cammarata, and he constantly goes back to his town, and he sponsors scholarships and educational centers so that people who are living in this small village can have a chance to go to college. He did a world-famous research on the psychology of evil, called "The Stanford Prison Experiment.

I can say without a doubt that he had a major impact on my desire to become a psychologist! It's a complex issue and I have mixed feelings about that. We have to recognize everything that he did, both the good and the bad, in terms of his contribution: and that's true with literally everybody.

The biggest concern that people have is what Christopher Columbus did to the indigenous populations in this country. But our U.

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Government did the same thing: we drove these Indians off of their reservations basically at gunpoint. Nobody is without sin, but I think we have to judge a bit more critically these situations, and I think Columbus is a really good example of that. Many things that he did were absolutely fabulous and groundbreaking, but there are things which he needs to be accountable for.

But that's true for literally any human being. Siamo molto lieti di dare il benvenuto su We the Italians a Bernardo Carducci! Raccontaci qualcosa sulla storia di questa associazione. Quando fu fondata si chiamava "The Italian Club": come tanti altri, nasceva grazie all'emigrazione degli italiani, ed era fondamentalmente un'organizzazione religiosa e sociale, per poter fornire agli emigrati provenienti dall'Italia una rete di sostegno sociale. Io sono presidente il Presidente di questa associazione da quasi venti anni, quindi mi piace pensare di essere in parte responsabile del mantenimento del nostro club in questi anni.

E naturalmente, la cultura italiana riguarda la famiglia: " La famiglia viene sempre per prima! Io lo parlo molto poco. Ho un cognome italiano molto famoso, Carducci, come il poeta, che tutti conoscono. Celebriamo anche il Carnevale: ogni anno a febbraio ci mascheriamo e festeggiamo il Carnevale in stile italiano.

Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)
Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)
Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)
Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)
Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)
Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)
Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition) Laltra famiglia (Italian Edition)

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