Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts

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The excitement curled my toes when his strokes broke from the rhythm and became wilder and even more powerful. Then his hot seed flooded my insides as he bucked, his eyes shining in the dark cabin, the powerful orgasm deflating his whole body until he fell back on the seat. I heard footsteps coming to the back of the plane just then. I drew the cardigan tight around my body to conceal my uniform when a passenger walked past us to use the toilet.

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He was wearing what looked like a suit and had a Burberry wool coat resting on his forearm. The color caught her attention even more. It was a deep, dark plum color. She continued to fixate on his movements and assumed he was on the same flight with her.

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Flying was not something she enjoyed and if she could help it, she would prefer to be knocked out until the plane arrived to their destination. But if Mr. Please have your tickets out and ready for the agent at the gate. We will begin boarding with seats in first class. Eight C was her seat. As she began to make her way through the crowd, she noticed the man from the bar was already getting his ticket scanned and making his way down the runway.

He was right. This was the beginning, and I could already feel myself getting wet.

She may not be in first-class, but she was close enough to maybe get a peek of her flight distraction for the next hour or so. The agent was quickly calling the rest of the seats. Zoe finally made her way down the runway and was anxious to get to her seat. As she walked down the aisle, she was careful to not bump into anyone who was already seated.

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Then, she saw him seated in first class. Zoe made a mental note of his seat number. He was sitting in an aisle seat reading a newspaper.

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The seat next to him was empty. Zoe placed her belongings under the seat in front of her. Thank goodness for packing light. There was a passenger seated by the window, but the middle seat was empty, thank god.

A Stranger Introduced Me To The Mile High Club By Making Me Cum Like No One Has Before

She had some elbow room. I figured it would be full. Zoe thought to herself as she laid back and closed her eyes. The plane had already taken off and flight service was already in progress. And for you?

She could not believe she had fallen asleep and not even notice the plane taking off. She took a sip of her beverage and glanced out of the window from where she sat. The night skies were the only sites visible. Her Dramamine had definitely kicked in. Flying at night was so much more relaxing, almost exotic and she was at ease.

Zoe looked down the aisle towards the back of the plane and noticed the flight attendant was still serving beverages. She needed to go to the restroom but obviously either had to wait or make her way to the front of the plane since it was clear of aisle traffic. That also meant walking by Seat Six C. She began to unbuckle her seat belt and carefully pulled herself up. Oh, she needed the good stretch. Zoe began walking down the dimly lit aisle. Immediately she noticed his seat was empty.

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  6. Hmmm, maybe he was in the restroom too. Unsure of what conclusion to make, she shrugged her shoulders and opened one the doors. He was standing in front of the mirror washing his hands. Her face felt hot from blushing with embarrassment. He immediately opened the door and smirked. I was just finishing up. You might want to use this one though. The flight attendant said the other is broken. He was even more handsome than she recalled. The official goal of the study was never disclosed, and no one involved was ever informed of their participation.

    Three Identical Strangers raises disturbing questions about identity, nature versus nurture, and the moral boundaries of science. As a part of this process, Mordkoff took a DNA test. It was her twin sister, Allison Kanter. When Allison and Michele decided to meet for the first time, Wardle was there with his film crew. It defies rational explanation. I was thrilled that Three Identical Strangers could have such a positive legacy, helping to reunite twins after decades apart. We want to hear what you think about this article.

    Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts
    Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts
    Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts
    Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts
    Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts Strangers on a Plane: Erotic Shorts

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