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If too many wildflowers are trampled, they will die and not go to seed.

Since many of these flowers are annuals, this means they have to go to seed to come back the next year. Naturally, we discourage picking the flowers for the same reason.

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The wildflower program is part of good stewardship. Today, TxDOT not only plants and enhances wildflower areas, but more importantly protects and maintains the investment made in years past. Toggle navigation. History Shortly after the Texas Highway Department was organized in , officials noted that wildflowers were among the first vegetation to reappear at roadside cuts and fills. Today Maintenance techniques used to encourage wildflower growth include safety, or strip mowing which allows the wildflowers to bloom and native grasses to emerge.

Your Responsibility The department is pleased with the attention wildflowers attract; however, we discourage picture-taking that damages the flowers. All form fields are required. To: email address. From: email address.



Fun fact: The Bluebonnet was named the state flower of Texas in , and contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to pick them. Fun fact: According to Native American legend, a young boy was painting the sunset but lacked red paint. He asked the Great Spirit for help, and the next day, he was granted red paintbrushes. After the boy finished his painting, he scattered the red paintbrushes across the land, and from then on, Indian paintbrush flowers began to bloom. Very different from the Indian paintbrush, the Indian blanket has long, thin, red petals with tips a halo of yellow.

When they cover an entire field, it looks like a brightly woven blanket has been laid over the grass — hence, the name.

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Fun fact: Indian blankets are also called firewheels. They are the state flower of Oklahoma. The purple coneflower has hot pink petals that droop downwards with a bright orange-brown center. Fun fact: Echinacea, the family to which the purple coneflower belongs, is used in holistic medicine for treating the common cold.

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Cough drops containing echinacea can work wonders for a sore throat. These proliferous purple wildflowers are all over the Hill Country. The giant spiderwort grows in bunches, each flower boasting three deep purple petals. Fun fact: While quite uncommon, the giant spiderwort also blooms with white petals — a rare find if you do come across one! The goldeneye phlox has five petals bright pink in color. It is a common wildflower with a long blooming period.

The wildflowers grow upright with an explosive bunch of petals and also come in shades of red, blue, and purple. Fun fact: The goldeneye phlox is not named after the James Bond movie but the conspicuous ring of bright yellow at the center of the flower.

Plant wildflower seeds -Jeff Ferris -Central Texas Gardener

Fun fact: If you hold a buttercup to your chin and the bud reflects a yellow hue onto it, it is proof you have a soft spot for butter. These gentle clusters of pleasant, purple flowers are widespread across the state of Texas.

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Fun fact: There are more than 3, species of verbena plants. Verbena leaves are commonly used in herbal teas for extra flavor. Also know as the Perky Sue, these pretty, yellow flowers are loosely related to sunflowers.

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You can spot these small and sweet wildflowers from spring to fall. Fun fact: The four-nerve daisy is a sight for sore eyes, literally: Native American tribes used these flowers to cure aching eyes. These white and green wildflowers are a species of milkweed, which is a necessary food source for monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Fun fact: While this milkweed tastes delicious to monarchs, there are toxic chemicals in the flowers that make monarchs poisonous to predators.

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Fun fact: If you dig up the roots of the winecup, you can actually cook the tubers, which reportedly taste like sweet potatoes. Also known as pink ladies, these wildflowers are common in the Hill Country. They are headstrong and drought-resistant, so the pink evening primrose will outlast many of the other spring wildflowers.

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  4. Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower
    Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower
    Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower
    Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower
    Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower
    Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower
    Texas Wildflower Texas Wildflower

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