The Frailty of Flesh

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frailty of the flesh

Face down in a pool of bloo Choking on your last breath Struck down in the cold of night As you stare into the end Shrieks of death fill the sky Streams of blood capture your soul Angels of Hell await Sending forth their eternal hate! Reoccuring reveries of war Desolation succumbs to us all Lands raped by mortar fire Frail shells are reduced to ash With rage they engulf all hope Spewing for armageddon's cry No force any mortal could fend Now embrace total death!

This is your chance to show their frailty Crush them down with brutal force My God how mortally inferior Kill them all with no remorse Step inside to face this reality No chance of hope in sight!

Mortal flesh rots for all eternity Bringing forth eternal night! Crimson rains fall from the sky Soaking corpses, drenched in blood Breaths of ash, fill your lungs Rivers of blood, running cold Embrace the winds of death No foll will understand Pathetic word won't subside Hear them cry in despair Cities crumble into sand Blackened skies bring our demise All signs of life are void Your frail flesh rotting dead. We'll have things fixed soon.

The Frailty Of The Flesh - Sunny Slope Church of Christ

She gave birth among strangers in another town instead of family because of the cultural shame. Jesus and John were miraculously born into families who before and after endured much disgrace. Graphic and disgraceful stories sell and spread. We like to read and watch human troubles and foibles because we are so aware of our own need, our own frailty. We make fun of and chew on what hits close to home.

Book 2: The Frailty of Flesh

The Bible is one big and a series of many graphic tales, full of human folly. The biblical characters cheat, steal, fight, get drunk, conspire, sleep around, murder, and all the other things that thrill and, if we are honest, resonate with our own desires if not actions. Today is six months before Christmas and two weeks after Pentecost, when we celebrated the birth of the Church, another wondrous conception.

This is our family. The Holy Spirit also came upon Elizabeth and Mary opening their wombs and empowered Jesus and John in their births and lives of witness. Impossible things through improbable people, people like us in our congregations, our fractured denominations, our global Church.

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The grass withers, the flower fades. God has and keeps choosing to come and to work through people, vulnerable, weak, broken, limited, and incomplete, f rail flesh and families. You might be confident or consoled in your abilities, the gift of your life, the surprises and delights of this day. You might be in touch with encouragement and love from family or neighbor.

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You might be struggling with limitation or loss, the challenge of infancy and toddlerhood, of growing up, of aging and dying. You may be tired or stressed by all you must do or what you cannot do no matter how hard you wish or try. How are you today with human frailty? Perhaps you are in touch with being comforted and encouraged, guided and loved. I remember the first time I saw Psycho , and there were a lot of movies where the children were put in danger and a lot of the horror was derived from the emotional investment in the kids.

The Frailty of Flesh (Leisure Fiction)

Even movies like the original Invaders From Mars , where you have this kid running around trying to get an authority figure and an adult to listen to him and they all turn out to be aliens. And of course what was so creepy about that movie was that at the end you find out it was all a dream and you say, oh, thank God, and then you find out it was a precognitory dream! BP: This movie has a lot of roots in Night of the Hunter , and that's no accident -- that was screenwriter Brent Hanley's favorite film growing up.

I knew the film pretty well, but I had never seen it projected in a theatre. I was in Amsterdam in the last few months making a WWII drama, and because Europeans have such a great love of classic films I got a chance to see it playing at a film museum there. I went two nights in a row, and it was one of the great cinematic experiences of my life.

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And of course it was the only film that Charles Laughton ever directed, which is a real crime. Is that something you consciously went after or did it just happen?

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BP: I really wanted it to have an authentic sound to it. I had met Matthew [McConaughey] on U , and this role was just tailor-made for him. Luke Askew, too, is another great regional actor from a lot of movies from the Seventies, and who was in my film Traveller [which Paxton produced and starred in]. AC: How did you come up with the idea to put the name "Otis" on the axe? That's such a disturbing touch.

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BP: There were two reasons for that, actually, the first being that it was really a character in the film, you know, [the serial killer] meets it in the barn with the light from the heavens shining on it, and I really wanted to anthropomorphize it. The other reason was that, when, at the climax, this certain character reaches for it, I wanted the audience to immediately realize that this was the same axe. It's kind of hard to talk about this without giving things away, but that's why.

Deeds of Flesh - Path of the Weakening (1999) full album

Otis is the holy weapon that's passed down in the movie. AC: A family heirloom BP: [laughing] A home companion, if you will. It's got a really creepy look to it. BP: I can't say enough good things about his work on this film.

The Frailty of Flesh The Frailty of Flesh
The Frailty of Flesh The Frailty of Flesh
The Frailty of Flesh The Frailty of Flesh
The Frailty of Flesh The Frailty of Flesh
The Frailty of Flesh The Frailty of Flesh

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