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As with part one, the wide-eyed sci-fi fantasy setting is well constructed with a keen eye for detail in the way the world is created. The book is far better paced than its previous installment, but oftentimes a single chapter has either too much or too little happening. However, chapters are definitely much fresher and livelier, and the sometimes bland characters have much more to say, think and do.

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  6. Review: The Xidoran Prophecy by Elaine Bassett.

The book is written with serious notes taken from the more effervescent and vivid parts of Xidoran and its entirely to its benefit. The pace is no longer so sluggish, but instead there are many muddled metaphors and unfitting terms and figures of speech that seem to have escaped revision to confuse the reader enough for regular double takes. The story itself is reasonably easy to follow on its own, with less although by no means rid of empty mundane detail enriching the read significantly.

The plot itself is just as bright and honest as the first, never feeling hopeless but without losing too much contrast from the cheery tone. The feel of a boy with everything to live for rings out in every chapter, and when the focus shifts onto other matters the tone shifts well into an appropriately mature scene without losing a background sense of wonder and light. The story does push the boundaries of belief at times in ways that the first managed to avoid despite the outwardly eccentric concept of time-traveling coin enthusiasts, this time with alien feathered horses taking the spot of an initial bizarre plot point.

While no news of a sequel, hopefully the winter break of Charles Brookfield is on the horizon soon. Links Amazon Author Website. Review: Return of the Clonsayee by Elaine Bassett. Links Amazon Author Website Amazon.

Self-Publishing Review - The Xidoran Prophecy

Following the events of The Xidoran Prophecy, Charles Brookfield, a recent inductee into the coin-collecting, time-traveling organization of the Sojourners, who exist within and without the world we live in, returns to his life with sweetheart Caroline and a job at Jones' farm. After discovering the truth of the titular Xidoran Prophecy — the promise made by a furious sorcerer that someday the Sojourners would feel their power at the behest of a chosen one — Charles discovers new adventure in ancient writings near….

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Share This Story! Related Posts. July 3rd, 0 Comments. No small task with the BEM and their monster toxites at their heels. What they discover there will change the way Spencer sees himself, not to mention the fate of the rebels. Tyler Whitesides: Janitors is about a sixth grade boy named Spencer and a girl named Daisy, who discover the presence of invisible little monsters in their school.

But there are good janitors and bad janitors. Spencer and Daisy have to decide who they can trust. Book 3: The Curse of the Broomstaff takes a fun new turn as Spencer and Daisy follow a trail of clues which lead them to a secret magical landfill. They must journey through piles of garbage and fight off magically enhanced, walking mounds of trash. What inspired you to write it? Whitesides: Most of the inspiration I got for writing Janitors came from a part-time job I had in college. Each night I went to a local middle school and spent several hours taking out the trash and sweeping the floors.

It provided me a lot of time to think and brainstorm. Before long, I had an entire story to tell. MS: What is the scariest challenge Spencer and Daisy face? Whitesides: I try to put my characters through a variety of challenges and adventures.

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Some of the difficulties are somewhat humorous, some are intense and action-packed, while others are a little bit scary and dangerous. By writing about many different types of challenges, I hope my readers will always find something they enjoy. As for scary MS: Any similarity between Welcher ElemenSpencer and Daisy are going to have a hard time tary and the school s you attended as a kid? Whitesides: Authors often draw upon details against those new bad guys!

Parts of Welcher Elementary might bear resemblance to that middle school where I worked. Ebooks and Manuals

Other parts of the school are built solely out of my imagination. I am always challenging myself to find something bigger and more exciting. I have wonderful readers and fans, and I want to make sure that my books live up to their expectations. MS: Other than being a school janitor, what other interesting jobs have you had? Whitesides: I had several odd jobs through high school and college.

One summer I wired and shot professional fireworks for the 4th of July. I taught private music lessons to a handful of students.

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One of my favorite little jobs was at Utah State University, where I worked as a taste tester, helping gather data for the Food Science department. MS: If you could go on any adventure you choose, what would it be? Something like The Hobbit sounds fun to me. I think an adventure would be most fun if I could go with my friends! MS: What has been the biggest challenge you faced as an author?

Whitesides: As the series has progressed, I feel great pressure to make each book better than the.

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  • MS: How many books do you have planned for Janitors? When is book 4 coming out? Whitesides:There will be 5 books in the series. Book 4 will come out in September , and the final book will follow a year later September Eighth grader Melanie Belaforte is home for spring break and itching for excitement.

    The diary contains the writings of a mad woman, along with vague clues to the whereabouts of a ruby necklace that once belonged to Cleopatra. And so the hunt begins. Melanie, her best friend Sybil, and a haunting specter unravel clues that take them from crumbling graveyards, to the busy streets of the French Quarter, and then into murky swamps, all to find the prize.

    My original research took me back to ancient Egypt. What is the series about overall? Dorine White: The overall premise of the series is that before Cleopatra died she entrusted a servant with her five magic gemstones: emerald, ruby, diamond, onyx, and sapphire. The servant delivered them to specific individuals to keep them safe from the Romans. In modern times, these gemstones have found their way into unexpected hands: those of my main characters. Each of the gemstones has a different magic power; for example, in The Emerald Ring we find out that the emerald gives the wearer the ability to understand animals and shapeshift into an Egyptian cat.

    In The Ruby Pendant, our heroine discovers that she can hear the thoughts of the people around her, even the dead. I loved How did research help you write the story? I studied customs, mummification, MS: As a mother of six children, when do you religious beliefs and history. Even though my writ- find time to write? I often write in swings, many to be right on target. For this second book, I weeks at a time and then nothing for awhile.

    Life watched a lot of YouTube videos that people post- is demanding, and my kids come first. New Orleans is almost a main character White: Yes, there are at least four books in the in the story, so I needed to make it real and vivid. Diamond Looking Glass.

    Review: The Xidoran Prophecy by Elaine Bassett | Self-Publishing Review

    The third book brings White: I wanted to combine my two favorite things, us to Paris, France. Readers will have the chance culture and fantasy. I decided on Egypt because to visit the Louvre museum, the famous Paris of all their many beliefs in the afterlife. I picked Opera house and Sorbonne University. Not only that, but Tyson was counting on Grandpa Gene to take him on his first big hunt.

    The Xidoran Prophecy The Xidoran Prophecy
    The Xidoran Prophecy The Xidoran Prophecy
    The Xidoran Prophecy The Xidoran Prophecy
    The Xidoran Prophecy The Xidoran Prophecy
    The Xidoran Prophecy The Xidoran Prophecy

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