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Little bit late to the discussion… Theme looks very smooth. The best part I like is that it was design with the structure, because I use as my little framework.

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Fantastic theme and excellent work as always! I am using a similar one I created for my website based on the Twentyten theme. Big fan of the Open Sans typeface as well Hi Carol.

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Glad you like the theme, and thanks for the idea. With that being said, if you feel strongly about it you could open a ticket over on the WordPress Trac.

The development of WordPress and this theme is a somewhat democratic process, so if you can rally support for the idea, it might be implemented. Looks nice but…. There are still a lot of coperate bussiness that only allow using IE8 or higher. Running Windows XP.

Hi Richy. I know the trunk version has seen a bunch of IE related improvements. Hello again! I noticed on some pages that featured image is above the title, which is great in terms of usability. Is it an option that you can select or it is per post image first and page title first? You could set a featured image instead and it should look like the home page. Thanks for the heads up on the widgets, they must have disappeared during an update. They should be back now Installed the trunk version on my site and love the look, but Open Sans does some weird formatting things, such as not displaying an ellipsis.

Is that a theme thing, or something specific to the font? Thanks as always for your time. As a followup, my ellipses in all my old posts return when I disable Open Sans. Seems to be an issue with the font. Followup 2 — ellipses work with Open Sans on Firefox but not on Chrome.

Love it. One more remark. It looks that shadows for the pictures are applied universally, but should smilies get shadows too? I would think that they are part of the text, so perhaps there should be CSS style to remove shadows for smilies? My site is pretty big, so changing platforms is a major decision. John: Good find!

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Twenty Twelve

Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Tuesday 12 November Photo: BBC. Related Articles. TV and Radio. Related Partners. Top Galleries. His role will be to prepare the corporation to negotiate a new Licence Fee in , and a renewal of the BBC Charter in note: real situations. Reith was then; this is now.

The post is sold to Ian as a chance to influence and shape one of the great British institutions. Jessica Hynes is also back, as the permanently jargon-addled and sweary PR guru-ette Siobhan Sharpe:. But then, some of the real people that work at the BBC have also offered their thoughts, as if to prove that, if there is a joke to be in on, they most definitely are.

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Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve
Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve
Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve
Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve
Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve
Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve
Twenty Twelve Twenty Twelve

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