What the Bible Means to Me

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What 'Biblical' Means

But, this only lasts briefly. The Bible contains a vast amount of visions and an exhaustive list of what dreams mean.

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If you do not believe in god and dream of the Bible, God speaks to believers and unbelievers alike through various dreams and visions. How can you help me?

Share your story.

I have been studying dreams for 20 years, from spiritual and psychological perspective. Last night I had a dream of finding a bible. Additionally, the bible had a telephone inside. Finding a bible, seeing a bible or holding a bible can indicate many elements in your life.

5 Secrets: How the Bible helps You Understand Your Life and Its Meaning.

I believe that a bible appearing in a dream is a call to your faith. There are many ways that the bible can appear, you could have seen your own bible or that of a church. This I believe is a spiritual message specifically to you. What does it mean to dream of your own bible in a dream? Something new is supposed to happen right now. What is the dream interpretation of finding a bible?

Self-confidence is the most dangerous thing that we have. It can imply that you are totally confident in yourself but you also need to be confident in God. The only confidence that we have is based on who we are. For example, before having my dream about finding the bible I studied what the Bible means to me, in my life right now. Studying this dream meaning gave me confidence so that I can focus and deliver this message of dream interpretation properly.

How Did the Bible Get That Name?

I've written dream interpretations thousands and thousands of times so that experience certainly me the confidence that I can do this right. There is a breakthrough, a shift that is about to take place if you found a bible. What I am trying to say here is that a bible in a dream indicates there is something else way down deep inside you and I can tell you that I know that you will find success in time.

As TJ Jakes said in one of his speeches: we have a number of storms in life. Emotional storms, financial storms, and through these unseen storms we cannot see god. But, God can see through those storms.

What the Bible Means to Me

If you are having a storm in your life right now it is not uncommon to dream of the Bible. The Bible tells us that God will not share his glory with anyone so glory needs to focus on you and be internal. What does it mean to receive a bible in a dream? Dreaming of receiving the Bible indicates that God is going to enter your life soon. If you read scripture in the Bible itself, this represents joy and happiness in life. To be given or find a bible in a dream can indicate that you will encounter justice and happiness through analyzing your own life.

Turning to Corinthians this can mean that we are having visions of prophecy in which you need to connect to god itself. There is something else I wish to mention at this point.

Jeremiah 15:16

Paul in Philippians provides a great approach to thinking that our minds may be exposed to things in life that can affect our dreams. Thus, if you were reading the bible before bed-time and you are highly religious then this dream is not uncommon. What is the dream interpretation of holding or carrying a bible? To hold or carry a bible in a dream means one needs to have more confidence in Christ.

There maybe many shenanigans that have come into your life, and this dream is a wake-up call that you need to carry forward with your focus in life. I think so many times we take familiar Bible verses just as words to be recited -- and not life and truth to be received.

We use them when convenient and rehearsed, missing the power behind the words. For example, I absolutely trust my earthly father, which means I have total and complete confidence in his integrity, ability, and good character because I know him and have a relationship with him.

Bible Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary

I trust in him because I know he will do what's best for me. However, is that the same level of trust I am placing in my Heavenly Father? If I am being honest, I would admit that it is harder to trust God than it is man, even though man will always let us down. Do know people who have to be in complete control of every The oldest books of the Bible were written thousands of years ago.

Since then, language has changed dramatically. Modern and Biblical Hebrew are noticeably different languages, and only small pockets of people still speak Aramaic, the language Jesus would have spoken.

What the Bible Means to Me What the Bible Means to Me
What the Bible Means to Me What the Bible Means to Me
What the Bible Means to Me What the Bible Means to Me
What the Bible Means to Me What the Bible Means to Me
What the Bible Means to Me What the Bible Means to Me

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